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About Us and Mission Statement

Good honest quality product's at the fairest possible prices.

About Us

We are a family owned business, a mix of engineers, builders and mechanics we have prided ourselves in quality of the finished product. We enjoy being hands on with the best product's, we certainly don't mind getting our hands dirty, is part of who we are. We don't just sit in an office and never touch the products, we are there on the shop floor. We believe how can you sell a product if you have never even used it or worked on it. Knowledge of what you are selling is very important to us. We know all about what we sell.

Our Mission

Our founding business Extreme Imports was started back in 2005 where we imported our first Go Karts. Since then our business has grown and grown, our mission was to bring our customers the best quality product's at the best possible prices which has been our motto over the years. We believe if you are going to sell something, sell the best, if you are going to price it, price it at the fairest possible price on the market, this has worked well for us. We have thousands of happy customers.

You may have heard the saying you get what you pay for or to cheap to be real. Well, we set out to put those sayings to shame, we have done that many many times over, we do not need to make up silly sayings to justify huge mark ups.

With us you will be getting a genuinely quality product, an honest deal at the very best prices. Customer sometimes wonder how we can offer such a great deal, the secret is we keep our overheads way down and buy in larger quantities.